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We are happy to welcome new patients and children at our dental clinic.

Dr. Victor Law, General Dentist at Hunterhorn Dental Clinic

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Dr. Victor Law, D.M.D., B.Sc.

Dr. Victor Law was born and raised in Vancouver. His first experience with Alberta came about when he was 11 years old. His father was sick at the time and was a lucky recipient of a liver transplant in Edmonton. He spent his summer that year with his father as he recovered. As his father grew stronger, they went on a tour that included Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper. This memory always held a special place in his heart, and as a result, Alberta too. Now, Dr. Law is a father himself with a little girl.

In Vancouver, Dr. Law completed both his undergrad and dental school degrees at the University of British Columbia. From there, he moved to Spokane, Washington, for more training. After spending 7 years in Alberta, living in Lethbridge and Red Deer, Dr. Law and his family feel they are truly home in Calgary. He is honoured to continue the legacy built through the years by Dr. Danny Morela and his dental family at Hunterhorn Dental Clinic. Dr. Law hopes to continue to serve each and every one of you with the quality of dentistry, care, and kindness that Dr. Morela provided over the last decades.

Dr. Law is happy to welcome new as well as emergency care patients. You can reach Dr. Law’s office at 403‑295‑6555 to schedule an appointment for all your general dentistry treatments.

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